Childrean of Baan Than Namchai will have >>>>> 1.Alway be polite and respectful 2.Always be to frugal and appreciate the value of things 3.Always be appreciate with help and give back whenever possible 4.Always keep by the five precepts of Buddhism 5.Always love and share with brothers and sisters at Baan Than Namchai



This is a story about a little boy named Skye. He came here when he was just 15 days old. A worker in the rubber plantation found the baby in a garbage pail close to the plantation. They took care of the baby for a few days before taking him to the police for help. Finally the police brought him to our orphanage to help and  care for him.

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Captain is very cheerful, he had been with us since he is 11 months old. His mother is from broken family and her husband runs away.

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Ton Nam

The story of a little boy called “Ton Nam”. Before he was born, his mother almost aborted him. (At one point in time, he stood between the life and death.) Read on. . .

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